Food Nerd Army
If you're here, it's because you're interested in more than just finding a good place to eat tonight. It's because what matters to you above all else is the food, whatever the context. It's because you want to find the good stuff, learn about it, and help those who make it to thrive by fighting to get the word out. It's because you want to make sure the people who do it right have a chance to make an impact and shape the scene. It's because you want to let the Phoenix restaurant community know that there's an army of people who are more interested in a killer plate of food than a killer space and marketing plan. It's because you're excited about the prospect of food nerds coming together to form a real community, not just a database full of opinions. It's because you want to truly discuss and learn about food both online and in person rather than simply spouting your opinions and collecting likes. It's because you know the only thing better than fabulous food is sharing it with a crowd of folks who are just as obsessed about it as you are. It's because you want to do your part to help make Phoenix's dining scene even more vibrant and delicious than it already is.

I'm still working out precisely what form this will take. I know that it won't involve any ads or marketing databases or fees or other such crap. I doubt the name Food Nerd Army will even have anything to do with it. (Waaaaaay too corny and contrived -- hey, the presentation needed a theme!) But I know it starts with finding likeminded folks who agree that Phoenix's food nerds desperately need a place to call home. If you're one of those folks, send along your info below -- as much or as little as makes you comfortable (though an email address is kind of important, for reasons I trust are obvious) -- and I'll be in touch when the ball gets rolling. Or drop me a line at

In the meantime, good eating... and we'll talk soon.

     - Dominic Armato (

  (The best privacy policy? Don't be a jerk. This is just so I can drop you a line when I get the ball rolling. Nobody else will see it, and it won't be used for any other purpose.)